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HI directed its relaxation spaces towards wellness and decompression with a steam bath and different techniques of massage and relaxation.
A real protective bubble to get your energy back.

hotel hammam nice

A contemporary steam bath, made out entirely in resin. The hammam has two hot areas and two adjoining rooms, one for musical relaxation and the other one for massages. Wellbeing also means taking advantage of Nice’s wonderful climate, by relaxing in the atrium garden or on the room and spa terraces as well as the roof top pool with its panoramic view of the city.

The Hi Hotel wishes to answer all your needs. The Hi Business allows you to organize seminars in Southern France whether you are traveling on business or a local business. As its name suggest, the restaurant La Cantine Bio, offers 100% organic foods. The Hi Hotel, with all its amenities, can be described both eco-hotel, spa hotel and modern hotel.

For you stay in Nice, enjoy a trendy hotel. The Hi Hotel is located in South of France. Our hotel offers you different sorts of hotel rooms to facilitate the passage from one activity to another. It is not only several decorative themes.