Hi Beach

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Closed from October to April

HI beach is an innovative concept that reconciles the simplicity of thes pleasure of the beach and the seaside. It develops a new logic of spaces. A beach where each of us will find their own rhythm and well-being. With HI, the beach becomes a way of living, simple and cordial betweens the sea and the city.
HI beach will have three areas and three ways of rediscovering these enjoyment of the beach.

Both trendy hotel, spa hotel and sustainable hotel, our hotel in Nice offers a lot of facilities. As its name suggests, the restaurant La Cantine Bio offers 100% organic foods for example. With the Hi Business, a seminar room in South of France, our hotel also thinks to travel on business and a local business.

For you stay in Nice, enjoy a design hotel. The Hi Hotel is located in Cote d'Azur. Our hotel offers you different sorts of hotel rooms to simplify the transition from one activity to another. It is not only numerous decoration.