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 Pop Ambient 2014  //  Kompakt   > Commander le HI Loves Kompact 

First things first: the god of pads has returned. After a 6 years hiatus, ULF LOHMANN reports back to POP AMBIENT. As one of the first to break the mould, LOHMANN has shaped Kompakt's early ambient sound in a decisive manner. Fortunately, his two tear-jerking masterpieces PCC and SICHT sound like he was never gone.

We're also celebrating some sort of reunion with THE BIONAUT. It's the alter ego JÖRG BURGER used back in the early 90's, creating unforgettable hits such as "Everybody's Kissing Everyone" or the album "Lush Life Electronica", released via EMI's infamous sub-label Harvest. With the use of real guitars and vocals, the new TRIOLA MIX of the 1992 classic AQUAMARINE gives you a promising foretaste of the upcoming TRIOLA album expected in Spring and a BEST OF BIONAUT compilation on Kompakt Klassiks.

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