An urban hotel in Nice.
HI is a high-end hotel that departs from the traditional codes of luxury.
Just 200 meters from the Mediterranean and the Promenade des Anglais, HI invites you to revel in your experience as you explore its contemporary-living spaces.

HI features 10 concepts and 38 rooms.
Each concept is based on a unique way of organising space, of living and experimenting. That means these are not decorative themes but rather typologies that yield alternatives to spaces that are usually highly codified.

The room becomes a structure for welcoming micro-events in relation to the concept of the space. In this way, comfort goes beyond mere physical or visual comfort.
This is comfort at work, produced by the generosity and simplicity of the structures which, like operating instructions, invite us to take advantage of the present moment.
These spaces are based on an openness of volumes, a non-specialisation of structures. This has the effect of smoothing the transition from one activity to another and of sharing one’s experiences.

Digital (Active)

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here is a graphic room with a clear cyber-culture influence. the walls feature giant pixels of blues and the different pieces of furniture are like several windows of a computer screen, this room has a nice balcony overlooking the patio.

Enjoy a trendy hotel for your visit in Nice. The Hi Hotel is situated in South of France. Our hotel offers you different sorts of hotel rooms to simplify the transition from one activity to another. It is not only various decoration.

The Hi Hotel thinks of everything. The Hi Business allows you to arrange seminaries in Cote d'Azur whether you are a local business or business travel. The restaurant La Cantine Bio offers 100% organic foods as its name suggests. With all its amenities, the Hi Hotel can be described both trendy hotel, spa hotel and ecological hotel.