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Rates including: Organic buffet breakfast, Wi-Fi, Hi Relax (relaxation area with steam bath)

Urban Hi Hotel Rates
Monospace / Happy day / Up&down 229€ > Book now
Active Hi Hotel Rates
Digital / Strates / Technocorner 259€ > Book now
HI-Studio Hi Hotel Rates
Indoor terrasse / Technocorner / White & White 299€ > Book now
Terrasse Hi Hotel Rates
White & white / Rendez vous 399€ > Book now

For information:

  • Hotel 100% non-smoking
  • Organic buffet breakfast: 21 €
  • Extra Bed: from 35€ to 45€ per day per person
  • Pet: 18€
  • City Tax: 1.50€ per day per person

Hi Fidelity

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You are definitely a Hi addict and we would like to thank you by giving you advantages that you can use and be part of the HI LIFE network.

This card doesn't propose a system of points which is contrary to our philosophy. All the HI addicts have the same advantages, we don't differentiate our loyal clients

HI FIDELITY allows you to also join to contemporary, ecological, touristic values and benefit at the same time of significant bonus.


advantages and conditions are subject to modification by the manager's decision.


  • -10% on the best rate available on HI booking
  • -10% discount on lunch/dinner at the restaurant (excluding Beverage)
  • -10% on the seasonal rate
  • Free cancellation until noon on arrival day *
  • -10% discount on SPA services and shops
  • Free access to the hammam
  • Access to private party+ 1 free cocktail
  • Chidren room free of charge *
  • VIP welcome
  • Upgrade *
  • Direct access through internet
  • Late check-out free until 15h *


  • 1st row sundecks 17€ instead of 27€ **
  • children sundecks free
  • -5% on drinks and restaurant
  • free Towel

* Off Season (1st November/31 March)
** upon available


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由近年来最为知名的法国设计师之一matali crasset设计,位于蓝色海岸的魅力城市尼斯。

酒店地理位置得天独厚,位于地中海畔,距著名的海滨步行道盎格鲁街(Promenade des Anglais)仅200米。HI酒店强调现代生活空间的无限可能性,打造新鲜前卫的居住体验。 HI实验酒店项目由Patrick Elouarghi与Philippe Chapelet共同发起,是女设计师matali crasset的首个整体室内作品。这位倡导“发明”而并非“设计”的大师用HI酒店淋漓尽致地诠释了她特立独行的风格。


空间不再仅仅是容器,而是一种富有生命力的参与者,与房间的其它元素有着丰富的联系与互动,所营造出的舒适感也远远超出了单纯的视觉或身体上的感受。 慷慨而纯粹的结构造就了这种“挥发中”的舒适感,用无尽的感染力与极富实验性的多元风格,务求为住客带来有别一般的刺激与趣味体验。 设计理念基于开阔的空间感,没有任何结构的约束。住客在房间中的一切活动都如行云流水般惬意自如。


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HI offers ten concepts for 38 rooms.

Each concept offers a specific spatial arrangement to be lived and explored. They are not decorative themes but more typologies that give alternatives to what are usually extremely codified spaces. The room becomes a setting for micro-events in relation to the spatial arrangements.That way, comfort goes beyond the simply physical and visual.

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This bedroom is a tribute to concrete. This material is the symbol of French Architecture. Completely build with concrete walls and bright color stripes. This space is opened with the uncluttered shower to give the effect of a light cube and in an angle a neon light emphasizes a library. this room has a nice balcony overlooking the patio.

Techno Corner (Active ou Hi-Studio)

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the room is dedicated to sound and image, almost like a private auditorium with a projector, a large screen and the appropriate sound system to enjoy a good movie. the movie can be seen from either the bed or the bathtub.

Up & Down (Urban)

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shelves made of chestnut wood surround the area and form a border between two zones: the upper zone is to be used as a an open cupboard for storage and the lower zone for relaxation. the shower and toilets are behind a chestnut screen, as if they were at the hedge of a garden.

Happy Day (Urban)

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a sitting room during the day with the bed hidden in a wooden wall closet . a shift from day to night – a process of metamorphosis. at daytime the sitting room can be used like a lounge; at night if you open the doors a pink alcove appears and reveals the other half of the bed.

White & White (Hi-Studio ou Terrasse)

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the room is white hence the name of the concept. the bed looks like a table. the bathtub designed by matali crasset looks like a canopy with white vinyl around the bath and with a fuchsia-colored plexiglas “bath sky-dome”. white & white is devoted to a sense of well-being, providing fresh – white – products. the terrasse concepts have a private roof top outdoor terrace with its own jacuzzi.

Indoor Terrasse (Hi-Studio)

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all the furniture is within the central area, dispatched on an indoor terrace, with all the facilities needed, for sleeping, sitting , working... at the far end of the terrace, plants form a natural curtain for some intimacy during shower time, the toilets are like a shed in a garden and have a lantern-like appearance once the lights are on.

Digital (Active)

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here is a graphic room with a clear cyber-culture influence. the walls feature giant pixels of blues and the different pieces of furniture are like several windows of a computer screen, this room has a nice balcony overlooking the patio.

Rendez Vous (Terrasse)

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this versatile area can be modulated and changed from lounge, to office, to bathing area. the guest enter and discover a spacious lava stone bathtub, a living area, an round table with four seatings for meetings, and a beautiful terrace on the 7th floor.

Monospace (Urban ou Active)

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this room is divided into three areas distinguished by different colors and materials: an invigorating red sleeping area, a cool white, lounge area with a light wood finish and a refreshing blue bathroom with a resin floor.

Strates (Active)

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Cantine bio

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Happy bar

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The bar is at the heart of the hotel. Its centrepiece is a suspended nacelle, impressive yet light, like a modern alcove. It structures the whole space, filtering the light coming in from both the street and the atrium garden.
In the evening, the atmosphere turns festive with lighting effects. The nacelle comes to life with the presence of live DJs (sound designed by Kompakt) or the Hi.mages video screenings.

Sound design by

Happy Bar news:

Espace Hi Body with REN

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HI directed its relaxation spaces towards wellness and decompression with a steam bath and different techniques of massage and relaxation.
A real protective bubble to get your energy back.

hotel hammam nice Download Booklet (.pdf)

A contemporary steam bath, made out entirely in resin. The hammam has two hot areas and two adjoining rooms, one for musical relaxation and the other one for massages. Wellbeing also means taking advantage of Nice’s wonderful climate, by relaxing in the atrium garden or on the room and spa terraces as well as the roof top pool with its panoramic view of the city.

Hi Relax news:

Hi Beach

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HI beach is an innovative concept that reconciles the simplicity of thes pleasure of the beach and the seaside. It develops a new logic of spaces. A beach where each of us will find their own rhythm and well-being. With HI, the beach becomes a way of living, simple and cordial betweens the sea and the city.
HI beach will have three areas and three ways of rediscovering these enjoyment of the beach.

Hi Beach news:


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Hi loves ecology

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Hi Events

Hi lab

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« HI lab is an office to be experienced for a better work »

The HI hotel proposes a new and contemporary work environment, inventing a new way to meet and work.

HI lab is the urban office of the HI hotel, allowing concentration and reflexion.

HI lab was created by matali crasset with different multifunctional areas for meetings combining well being and technology.


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HI lab from 65 euros* per person

working day including:

  • meeting room rental
  • coffee break, 2 organics breaks
  • lunch served at our organic canteen or HI beach on request (drinks included) or possibility plate meal

HI_Body Business from 102euros* per person

includes HI lab + body sessions with:

  • 15 min on chair massage
  • 30 min relaxation program

HI lab _ Night and Day from 175 euros* per person

urban room including breakfast (supplement for an active room 20 euros). pre-seminary rate from 110 euros.

meeting room rental full day half day
from 500 € 300 €


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Hi Shop

Hi Gift

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 > Order the HI Gift 

Hi life’s gift voucher

You can offer your close ones an unforgettable experience in the HI universe
A week-end in Nice at the HI hotel, a week in Tunisia at DAR HI, a massage in our Hi Body spa or simply a lunch at the HI beach...
Choose the gift or the amount you wish and send the voucher directly

Hi loves music

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 HI TEN  //  La Baleine   > Commander le HI TEN album 

L’hôtel Hi est un hôtel design et urbain, haut de gamme en rupture avec les codes traditionnels du luxe. Créé à l’initiative de Patrick Elouarghi et Philippe Chapelet imaginé par matali crasset, une des plus grandes designers mondiales.

Cette année, l’hôtel Hi fête ses 10 ans

La musique électronique fait partie intégrante de la vie et du concept.
HI RADIO est programmée par KOMPAKT, un des labels de musique les plus prestigieux au monde.

A l occasion de l’anniversaire des 10 ans du HI : Paul Nazca et Maxime Dangles, djs artistes confirmés, qui font partie de la nouvelle garde de l'électronique Française ont crée un album : HI TEN

> Cliquez ici pour la suite

 Acheter sur  //  Acheter sur Amazon 

 HI!H by Frédéric Galliano  //  HI shop   > Commander le Hi!By Frédéric Galliano 

Considered for its innovative character the “HI shop” allows customers to buy all kinds of products related to the hotel’s atmosphere. Hi became the first hotel to produce a music album under its own label HI-print: HI!H by Frédéric Galliano.

Frédéric Galliano is a music passionate since his teenage days. At that time he had already acquired a wide cultural musical taste, such as Latino, jazz and Kraftwerk’s electronic preludes at the end of the 70’s.

> Cliquez ici pour la suite

Hi loves Kompakt

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 TOTAL 14  //  Kompakt   > Commander TOTAL 14 

With TOTAL 14, our extremely popular compilation series returns to the fore after its sabbatical in 2013; a well-needed break from the routine that was put to good use, resulting in one of the most riveting instalments in the series yet. Both veteran and freshman artists were chosen for an exhaustive overview of past label exploits, including powerful cuts from the likes of DAUWD, KÖLSCH, BLOND:ISH, MICHAEL MAYER or THE FIELD - but this wouldn't be TOTAL without the exclusive stuff, so we're more than happy to add a generous serving of brandnew tracks from SUPERPITCHER, SASCHIENNE, WEVAL, THOMAS/MAYER, VOIGT & VOIGT, THE MODERNIST and JÜRGEN PAAPE.

> Read more

Collection Palm Lab by Made in Design

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Hi loves le Buisson

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